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Why Choose Us?

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to meet the construction needs of our customers with integrity, honesty and dependability.

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Photo Gallery

See samples of our work. Joe has 20 years of experiennce with all types of projects.

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Hear what home owners say about Bark River Remodeling and Construction.

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What to Expect

A clear process takes the headache out of your project.

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Meeting Structural Standards

Joe’s aim is to make the construction process as smooth and stress free as possible while maintaining high structural standards.

It goes without saying that people want a quality end product, but can they get it without the headache that usually comes with construction? That’s the difference Bark River Remodeling makes.

Our Customers

90% of our customers are vacation homeowners who have primary residences elsewhere. The majority of the time they are not on site during the construction process. They need a carpenter they can trust, not only to do good work, but to respect their property in their absence. They choose Joe Hokanson of Bark River Remodeling.

When you choose Bark River Remodeling you can expect timely communication throughout the project from the initial phone call until the last nail is pounded. Joe texts or emails photos of his work in progress on a weekly, sometimes even a daily basis depending on the nature of the job. Customers are able to make accurate decisions on their projects from hundreds of miles away.

Regular Phone Updates

Customers receive regular phone updates throughout their project and are encouraged to call Joe on his cell phone anytime with questions or comments.